Sunday, July 23, 2006

August Contest: "What Would You Do With This?"

I stopped by Good Vibrations on Friday. GV reminds me of this recently-closed bookstore in San Francisco called A Clean Well-Lighted Place For Books. Why? Because I’ve always thought that GV should be called A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Sex Toys. Or -- if you can’t picture that -- try, a large Starbucks selling dildos and lubrication products instead of drip coffee and lattes.

Got a good visual now?

Good. Because I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the store to show you, due to their customer "privacy policy."

"But there’s no one in the store," I said to the woman behind the register.

She smiled apologetically. "I know. But we have to respect people’s privacy."

O-kay. Am I the only one confused here?

Never mind. That’s not important. You can check out the neat store here. What is important is the information she gave me about today’s products.

But, before we go there, I need you to play a game of pretend. Pretend this heat wave is not making you feel like you live in hell. Instead, you are surrounded by snow-covered mountains, holed up in a cabin with someone that you want to be holed up with, and a fire is blazing in the hearth ...

Got a good visual? Good. Now you’re ready to play.

The Products:

Raspberry Vanilla Body Dust Apply this powder to the skin with the accompanying feather and lick it off. Fun for both giver and receiver. (Retail price: $18.00)

Soy-Based Massage Candle – Not only is the rosemary mint scent fragrant, as the candle melts the liquid becomes massage oil. Since soy burns at a lower temperature, the oil will not be too hot to pour directly from the candle onto the skin. Neat, huh? (Retail price: $10.00)

To Win:

Simply add a comment to this post -- either answer the question in the title -or- say whatever you want.

On August 22nd, I’ll randomly choose two winners (one for each product) – i.e. I'll write the names of those who comment on scraps of paper, put them in a jar, shake, and recruit someone to draw two names. I’ll then post the names of the winners here and winners will need to email me their mailing address.

The Fine Print:

The only requirement of the winner is that (s)he agrees to be a guest blogger and write a product evaluation. The evaluation can be solely impressions of the product or it can include a story about the use – humorous (i.e., mishaps) or serious. It can be several sentences or several paragraphs - whatever it takes to get the point across. At a minimum, the evaluation should include the answers to these questions:

1. Did the product live up to the description here and/or on the product packaging?
2. What did you like about the product (if anything)?
3. What did you dislike about the product (if anything)?
4. How did it taste? (only if the product is edible!)
5. How did it feel on the skin?

The product evaluation should be submitted to me via email within 30 days of the receipt of the product.

Ready? Set? … Let the comments come in!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Win a FREE Aphrodisia Book Club Subscription

Please take a moment to enter my new contest! From now until August 31st, 2006, you'll have a chance to win a FREE Aphrodisia Book Club subscription, scheduled to begin shipping in July/August. Click the image below for more details ...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Losing Nemo ... Finding Derek

I was a big Nemo fan. In fact, I admit to seeing it alone -- sans child -- in a theatre full of noisy kids.

Two weeks ago, I idolized Nemo.

Last week, after finding Nemo 22.5 times with a visiting two-year old, I detest Nemo -- second only to Barney, who I never liked.

But like all traumatic experiences, something good came of this. As I squealed in surprise for the eleventh time when daddy fish, Marlin, and his ditzy friend, Dory, found the goggles belonging to the evil, dentist-kidnapper, my mind drifted ...

And then my blood raced, for my brain had stumbled upon the perfect contest: "Finding Derek."

And what, pray tell, is Finding Derek?

Derek Mitchell is the hero in my new book, The Sex Lounge, which will be released by Kensington in May 2007. Beginning next week, I will scour clubs, bars, airports, and financial district(s) for sexy hunks with Derek Mitchell potential. Then, provided that drinks are not thrown in my face and/or harassment charges are not filed, I will post snapshots of these hunks and a little bio. You, faithful readers, will then have the opportunity to vote for your favorite.

So check back on August 1st when I'll post my first hunk ... or a postcard from jail. Either way, it's sure to be an entertaining post.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Fine Art of Procrastination

The Sin Club, my second book for Kensington Aphrodisia is due August 31st. My anxiety over my naked heroine’s lethargy has pushed the needle on my stress-o-meter off the chart.

So, after I finished tweaking the first chapter for the eleventh time, do you think the answer to what happens after Bobbie strips for the Nick popped into my head?

Nope. Instead, a little voice said, “Hey, you could log on to and start a blog.”

Never being one to ignore my muse (or an opportunity to procrastinate) – six hours and some xml code hacking later, here I am. So ... what am I going to write about?

For starters, in between writing about other “important” stuff, in upcoming weeks I thought I’d share a few memorable snippets from last month’s trip to France.

Like these – a pair of Kama Sutra dice that I picked up at one of the zillion “gift” shops in the Latin Quarter:

Hmmm. Think a quick roll of the dice will help Bobbie decide what to do next? Or maybe research over at Kama Sutra Animated will do the trick?

Nah. They both just make me laugh. Back to my twelfth re-read of chapter one ...