Monday, August 28, 2006

A 911 Call to the Panty Fashion Police

Yes, the book which I have another zillion words left to write is due in 7 days. Yes, I'm supposed to be working on it (and I am!). But there are some things that can jolt the writer in me right out of the moment. Like ...

I'm sitting here -- yes, yes, at another coffee shop -- staring into space while I wait for the next burst of inspiration to strike. In walks this girl with low-riding pants that reveal a good three inches of her panties.

Excuse me. But, isn't the whole point of this panty exposure thing to entice viewers with a sneak peek at attractive panties? Last I checked, briefs (notice I did not say THONG) with 2-inch wide dingy white elastic and red hearts on a now-gray-used-to-be-white background are NOT attractive.

Am I alone here, or is this sight enough to ruin any erotic romance writer's spurt of creativity ?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August Contest Winners ... and Derek Status

The winners for the "August Contest: What Would You Do With This?" have been announced. Winners, please email your snail mail address to me. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to those of you for entering.

There will be another product contest coming soon, as well as more "Dereks" for my "Finding Derek" contest. My 8/31 deadline for The Sin Club has consumed my life but ... once it's done, I'll be back with more Dereks and other mis-adventures. Stay tuned ...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When Ignorance IS NOT Bliss and Silence IS Golden

There are two times in my recent history that I can remember being clueless to the point of an embarrassing ditzy-ness. The first was two years ago, when I joined a singles motorcycle club, despite the fact that I knew nothing about motorcycles or riding – and showed up for my first ride wearing high-heeled sandals and a sleeveless shirt. Can you spell h-u-m-a-n P-o-p-s-i-c-l-e ?

The second was last week while I was writing in the bar at Kincaid’s with my friend, Mary B. Morrison (BTW – Mary just made the New York Times bestsellers list! Woo-hoo!!). Yes, we were writing -- sometimes writer’s block demands more than caffeine inhalations to unstop it. Sometimes it requires a crab dip, teriyaki beef, and coconut shrimp sampler, followed by a huge bowl of peach cobbler with ice cream, and a mango mojito chaser, and a fellow writer to listen to me whine about the injustice of deadlines.

So, in between stuffing my face and whining, I’m writing away – or trying to– when a male voice behind me says, "What are you two working on?"

"We’re writers," I say. I tell him what we’re working on. His friend joins the conversation. Introductions are made – he is Aaron Brooks and his friend is Kent Smith. We all talk about books and writing.

"I’ve written a book, too," says Aaron.

"Great. What’s it called?" I ask.

"Rise Above," he says. I learn that the book is about his life and is a motivational tool aimed at youth. I also learn that Aaron and Kent are quarterbacks for the Oakland Raiders. The conversation turns to football, which I know nothing about. I share this ignorance, admitting that I don’t know what, exactly, a quarterback does, and that I used to watch games with my dad as a kid, picking the winning team based on the color of their uniforms.

Yes, sometimes it is best to remain SILENT.

By the time the conversation was over and we each went our separate ways, I can’t say I was much more knowledgeable about football – except for the fact that quarterbacks are nice people.

Photos: (left) Rachelle & Aaron Brooks, (right) Rachelle & Kent Smith

Monday, August 07, 2006

Derek #1 Found

“Finding Derek” Project Overview

On July 16th, I’d promised to scour clubs, bars, airports, and financial districts to “Find Derek," the hero in my next book, The Sex Lounge, after which time blog visitors will be able to vote for their favorite. Since every reader imagines a different hero, my goal is to find a variety of potential Dereks – hopefully, a Derek for everyone, so to speak.

The Search Begins …

In the process of “Finding Derek,” I found a couple things about Rachelle. Namely, I should have done a bit of prep work prior to launching my search. Such as:

  1. Taken an English As a Second Language class. Before I started walking up to sexy guys as part of this project, I never knew Gibberish was my first language. Now, sadly, I know.
  2. Taken speech lessons. Mumbling and speed-talking are not effective communication techniques. See #1 above.

But it’s all good. I’m all for personal growth. Some people join Toastmasters to work on their public speaking skills. I’m approaching good-looking men to work on mine. It’s a tough job but, well, one must make sacrifices for the craft, right?

So, please give Derek #1 a hand for making it through my mumbling-speed-racer presentation – and then still agreeing to participate.

Derek #1 (discovered at a “White Linen” party)

Okay, Derek #1 (whose name really is Derek, btw) caused me to break a rule (no, not that rule!). The “rules” of the contest were that I would take candid shots of potential Dereks and post them. I was set to upload my shots when Derek emailed me a few photos of his own. I'm sorry but … some rules are meant to be broken, wouldn’t you agree?

  1. Name: Derek "Bleek" B.
  2. Occupation: Model
  3. Hobbies: Basketball, sports
  4. Why would a woman choose you to be a hero in a romance book?: "Because I'm educated, a businessman, and grounded/modest"
  5. (Optional) If you found Nichole's notebook, how would you convince her to act out her fantasies? : "I would first want to arrange a meeting with Nichole in a very erotic, but natural spot. After meeting her wearing my best of best threads, well shined shoes, and smelling better than she could imagine, I would look her in her pure eyes, smile, hoping that she would relax after exchanging a smile. I would then strike up an interesting conversation based on my finding in the notebook that would allow her to gain comfort in her own person so that she can begin to share & direct the conversation towards the findings. After she figures out that I have an understanding of her fantasies, she gains my permission to relax, exchange the same amount of positive energy and become extremely receptive to my thoughts and ideas.

    I would create the right setting and began to whisper what I know and read in her notebook only to make her realize that her very own fantasies are actually becoming true.

    Aftermath, inhale then exhale while looking each other in the eyes, exchanging the smiles of satisfaction with a blink."

Uh ... is it just me, or is it hot in here ... ? I'm thinking Derek might want to try his hand at erotica ...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Searching For Derek ... Finding ‘Dirty Minnie’

The Search For Derek Begins ...

In between attending informative workshops and networking with wonderful writers at last week’s National Romance Writers of America Conference in Atlanta, I’d planned to "find Derek." (Those of you who are unfamiliar with the “Finding Derek Project,” click here).

My friend, Calista Fox, whose novella, In the Heat of the Night, also appears in Secrets Volume 13, agreed to tag along for moral support. So Thursday night, off we went to Underground Atlanta -- a touristy area by day, with a myriad of shops, that turns into a happenin’ spot by night, with lines winding out the doors of the handful of clubs and bars.

That is, it’s a happening spot on Friday and Saturday nights.

After peering into deserted barrooms and empty dance floors, I chose the bustling (by comparison) Triple Play. Sauntering past the two poker players, two dining patrons, and lone barstool occupant, we sat down to wait for Derek.

And wait.

And wait.

As we overdosed on the World Championship Dart Tournament on one of the fifty television screens, Tina, our delightful, friendly bartender came to our rescue. "Would you like something else to drink?" she asked.

"What's strong like a Long Island Ice Tea but actually tastes good? Or something sweet?" I asked.

Tina listed a few drinks, and their ingredients. At my lack of enthusiasm, she said, "I'll make a drink just for you."

And that she did. I may be the first romance author to have a drink created just for her.

The Dirty Minnie is found ...

Here’s the drink that the fabulous Tina created just for me:

Dirty Minnie - (created by Tina at Triple Play for Rachelle Chase)

1-1/2 Stoli Strasberi
Splash of Stoli Vodka
3/4 Amaretto
Splash of Grenadine
Splash of Sprite
Splash of Sweet and Sour
Garnish with lemon and cherry

It's delicious, but deadly, so drink it with caution.

Why's My Drink Called a "Dirty Minnie?"

While standing in line for the elevator at the conference, a fellow writer complimented me on my red dress with white polka dots and said, "You look like Minnie Mouse."

Another writer, who knew that I write erotic romance, jokingly said, "Yes, a Dirty Minnie."

I was flattered. I relayed the story to Tina. And the Dirty Minnie was born.

But the Search For Derek Continues ...

This week, my best laid plans were derailed. But I promise to have a Derek or two for you next week. Stay tuned ...