Tuesday, November 28, 2006

CONTEST WINNER: "What Would You Do With This?"

Way back in July, I hosted a contest entitled, "What Would You Do With This?" which featured sexy products I'd picked up at Good Vibrations and lucky winners got to try them out and report back.

Well, here's the first report, contributed by the lovely Bella Tyler. She tried out the body dust and obtained ... er ... interesting results. LOL


Raspberry Vanilla Body Dust Product Review by Bella Tyler

Lickable Body Dust seems like a good idea. I mean, I'm all for anything involving licking and body parts, and when you add a little bit of raspberry vanilla shake flavoring to the mix can you really go wrong?

Well, you can when you're me.

Picture if you will…a candlelit bedroom, a man—who shall remain nameless because he'd die of embarrassment otherwise—lying on the bed, body dust and feather in hand. Everything starts out well. The feather used to apply the body dust gets all the right reactions and then…it happens. I lean forward to lick unfortunately I choose this moment to inhale. Lickable, flavored body dust…good for the mouth, not so much for the nose.

Human errors aside, the body dust definitely lived up to it's label and more. For a fun-filled evening I would pick up a can…and maybe a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. But remember ladies…lickable, not sniffable.

RACHELLE: Did the product live up to the description here and/or on the product packaging?
BELLA: Yes, snorting aside, it was a very delightful product.

RACHELLE: What did you like about the product (if anything)?
BELLA: It was fun to use. The feather applicator was a very nice touch.

RACHELLE: What did you dislike about the product (if anything)?
BELLA: Nothing really. I'd purchase it myself.

RACHELLE: How did it taste?
BELLA: Very light, but yummy flavor. It wasn't overpowering which was nice because the taste wasn't too rich.

RACHELLE: How did it feel on the skin?
BELLA: Very light and smooth.

Thank you, Bella, for sharing your experience!


At 6:59 AM, Blogger Bella Tyler said...

Hehe...I'd totally forgotten about this. This was such a fun contest though and the product continues to be enjoyable.

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Rachelle Chase said...

I'm so glad you're continuing to enjoy the product. Thanks for such an entertaining review. :-)


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